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St. Luke School is a Preschool-8th grade parish Catholic school located in Woodburn, Oregon.  We serve families within Marion County, including communities such as Hubbard, Aurora, Silverton, Wilsonville, Canby, Gervais, and Mt. Angel.

We have a proud tradition of academic excellence. Our students are tomorrow’s future leaders and community members. With an emphasis on integrating Catholic values throughout our school’s program, St. Luke School s is known for its outstanding student body, talented staff, and welcoming community approach.

We offer a safe, stimulating learning environment to all students.  Our learning expectations are aligned with both the Archdiocese of Portland as well as the State of Oregon’s core subject area standards.  Our curriculum includes formal instruction in religion, math, spelling, English, reading, history, physical education, and science.

St. Luke School is an approved private school and we are fully accredited by the Western Catholic Education Association (WCEA).  All of our core classroom teachers are licensed through the State of Oregon.

St. Luke School believes in partnering with parents, the first educators of children, to educate the whole child.  Our staff members utilize Best Practices and 21st Century Learning Principles while also modeling and teaching Catholic values.  We are committed to helping students grow emotionally, spiritually, physically, and intellectually, thus providing them with a solid foundation.

St. Luke students celebrate God, Self and Creation as Christ-like Ambassadors through Service, Academics, and Strong Communiciation. These CASAS represent our school-wide learning expectations. In addition, each grade level has specific academic and religious standards that drive the curriculum and our instruction.


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Openings available in all grades.

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