St. Luke Catholic School in Woodburn, Oregon, has provided a strong educational and Gospel faith-based learning environment for over 100 years. The school opened on Monday, October 8, 1903, as St. Benedict’s School. The Benedictine Sisters welcomed 31 children. By February 1904, the enrollment had increased to 63. Enrollment increased steadily through the years until it reached 215 students in 1949. New requirements for schools as well as inadequate facilities necessitated plans for a new structure.

Ground was broken for St. Luke’s Catholic School on September 15, 1949 and the cornerstone was laid on May 21 of the following year. By September 12, 1950 the first classes were taught in the new school.
Most of the school was destroyed by fire in March, 1973. It was reconstructed with additional space and opened in November, 1973. During the interim, students attended St. Luke School in classrooms set up throughout the community.

In September, 1979, kindergarten curriculum was added to the school program with a half-day program. In 1999, the kindergarten program was extended to a full day program. A preschool program was added fall of 2012 in memory of alum Anthony Justesen, who was killed in Afghanistan in June of 2010. The school currently serves grades Preschool-8, with grades 6-8 receiving a Middle School program through departmentalized instruction.

St Luke Classroom


The faculty at St. Luke School designs and implements a variety of learning and formative experiences to make learning relevant and meaningful for each student. Learning experiences are based of our CASAS, the school-wide learning expectations. The curriculum goals are standards based that come from the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon Elementary School Curriculum Guidelines.

Preschool is offered twice a week for three-year-olds.  Pre-Kindergarten is offered three times a week for the four-year-olds. Our Kindergarten program is an all day experience. The middle school program is departmentalized, with PE being offered four days a week.

In addition to the traditional academic programs, students have daily religion class in all grades and attend Mass on Fridays. Second graders receive sacramental preparations for both First Reconciliation and First Holy Eucharist.


St. Luke Basketball Court


Saint Luke School offers many programs in addition to the academics in our curriculum. Students have PE four days a week and a weekly music class. Steps to Respect, Second Step, and Talk About Touch are all programs that focus keeps our students safe and help prevent bullying. Our school is a Title I school offering extra attention in reading instruction for those that qualify.

All of the students participate in service projects that meet local, national and international needs. In addition to the all school projects, each class adopts their own service project as well. Students in middle school have the opportunity to serve as school leaders on a student leadership team and as mentoring buddies to the younger grades.

After school we offer a study hall for students seeking extra time or help. Seasonal sports are also available after school for older students. In the fall, girls volleyball and soccer are played. In the winter, both boys and girls basketball is offered. In the spring, middle school students have the opportunity to join the track team.


St. Luke Church

St. Luke Catholic Church

The Woodburn church was dedicated by Archbishop Christi on October 20, 1901.  On March 9, 1902, the bell for the church was blessed and christened “Luke Alexander Joseph. The present day church was dedicated by Archbishop Howard on September 23, 1934.In 1979, the parish became the center of Mission San Lucas when the Vicariate of San Salvador was established in the Archdiocese.

Today there are over 1800 families registered at St. Luke Parish. The school is just one of many ministries of the parish. The parish hosts Mass in both Spanish and English on Sunday and an English Saturday Vigil. Youth ministries include programs for Sacramental Preparation, and both middle and highschool youth groups.

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